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Boho Smelly Balls Set
Boho Smelly Balls Set
Boho Smelly Balls Set
Boho Smelly Balls Set

Boho Smelly Balls Set

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Are you over car fresheners that die after 30 days?

Our Boho Smelly Balls are romance and bohemian chic with soft blush tones of our sun-kissed pink, pearl white, lilac peony and sunset orange making them a truly irresistible drop. They will fill your car with wanderlustful escapades that make for the perfect finishing touch to your day’s adventures accompanied by your favourite fragrance. 

Lychee Peony Fragrance

Our Lychee Peony fragrance is a fresh, sophisticated floral scent that will make your ride feel ever so slightly more luxurious and the perfect breath of fresh air to take your senses on an elegant journey.

Smelly Balls is a sustainable reusable air freshener that looks good, smells good, and makes you feel good about using it! 

4 Unscented Felt Balls with branded charm and elastic string for easy hanging.

Comes with instructions and bonus postcard, together in our little ‘keep pouch’ which can be used to store your little treasures later!

step one

Gently grab your unscented balls & prepare a covered surface.

step two

Drop the desired amount of oil onto your balls. Don’t be shy. 

step three

Let your Smelly Balls hang with pride.