Sea Breeze Diffuser

Sea Breeze Diffuser

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A blend of wild freesia, fresh lime and lavender. This fragrance is so fresh and invigorating, just like a sea breeze!

The clear round glassware holds 200ml and 10 reed sticks. The set is packaged in a beautiful box.

Sleep Sanctuary’s diffusers are free of alcohol to ensure the fragrance lasts longer. It is designed for small and medium sized rooms.

Looking for something to keep your home calm in amongst the stress of balancing kids, work and everything else in between? Sleep Sanctuary’s new Reed Diffusers can help you to restore the peace and quiet you deserve and bring a lovely scent into the air to enjoy.

Designed and made right here in Moree - Australia, Sleep Sanctuary’s Reed Diffusers are 200ml and come with 10 reed sticks. They are free of alcohol to ensure your scent lasts longer. They can be used in the home or anywhere else you desire, wherever calm is needed most to help ease any stressful situation.

For the most relaxing experience, breathe easy and let Sleep Sanctuary’s Reed Diffusers provide peace and serenity wherever you are today!

Hint – Keep your diffuser away from open windows, drafts, and air conditioning vents and your Diffuser can last up to 12 months!