Taratata Bracelet - Joli-Joli
Taratata Bracelet - Joli-Joli

Taratata Bracelet - Joli-Joli

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Taratata Jewellery was born after three friends travelled France and settled in Normandy in 1986. With a shared love of design, this trio creates eclectic and upbeat pieces that now have a worldwide following. Each collection is classic and original with Australia only receiving one delivery per year, allowing its wearers to own a unique piece.

Miniature garden in metal enhanced with delicate blue touches and a lucky clover.
Each Jewel is delivered with a purse with constantly renewed colours.

CompositionMetal, colored resins whose patterns are hand-painted, glass beads, Fleur en resine
DetailsMinimum length 17.5cm, Maximum length 19.5cm